Die 10 Gebote der Erde / Earths ten commandments

Text: Ernest Callenbach / Artist: David Lance Goines / 1990

Vor über 20 Jahren habe ich dieses Poster in den USA gekauft. Es hängt jetzt an der Wand in der Gästetoilette. Die 10 Gebote der Erde haben nichts an ihrer Gültigkeit verloren. Sie haben aber zweifellos an Dringlichkeit zugenommen!

Der Autor des Textes sagt dazu:

„The Earth is not in trouble: we’re in trouble. The Earth is going to do just fine, thanks. Species come and go, regardless, though we may be the first to exterminate ourselves and everything else, too. Couple of hundred thousand-what the heck, maybe a million-years go by and it’s as though we never existed. Bubble in the river of time. Buying a list of swell things you can do to save the Earth is like buying a diet book instead of going on a diet.

It’s the illusion of action. Gives you that warm and fuzzy feeling of having done the right thing when in fact you’ve done nothing at all. We may be able to do something about the problems we’re facing, but first we have to figure out what those problems are. Doing something about the wrong problem will only create new, and much worse, problems for somebody else to fix somewhere down the line. So, let’s put on our thinking caps and stop pretending.“ Ernest Callenbach

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